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<span>Splendid</span> is a frontline-focus HR app that aims to improve the engagement between employer and employees in the workplace.

Great features. Easy to use.

Mobile-based attendance taking system

Splendid provides the most cost-effective solutions and offers rich features:
  • No specialized clocking machine is required - just your mobile phone
  • Check-in and check-out at any predetermined locations or just about anywhere
  • History of check-in, check-out and customer visits

Easy to manage work schedules

Manage work schedules easily for various types of business
  • Schedule based on time and place
  • Applicable for either fixed or flexible hours and locations
  • Schedule customers' visits itinerary
  • Easy to manage backend that can handle thousands of users' schedules easily

Manage leaves without pain

Managing, applying and approving leaves are straightforward
  • Leaves can be applied from mobile device
  • Supervisor can easily appprove leaves from their mobile device
  • Various types of leaves can easily be handled such as public holidays, sick days, annual leaves and others

Stay informed. Stay engaged.

Splendid allows employees to be regularly updated on your business goals, policy changes, new products/services, and other strategic information. Splendid also allows creating shareable content to effectively share ideas, knowledge and strategies.
  • Bulletin system for sharing internal information
  • Content or blog for sharing useful knowledge and findings such as industry relevant news
  • Share with either the whole company or a select group of users.
  • All can be easily managed through Splendid's simple yet modern content management system

You're in full control
Admin panel
<p>Beautiful and easy to use</p> <p>Manage users, schedules, and other admin works with modern UI</p>
Track activities
<p>Have a full view of employee's activities</p> <p>Tracking check-ins, check-outs and visits with ease</p>
<p>Provides support for internationalization</p> <p>Currently supports English and Bahasa Indonesia</p>

Fit for any business and organization


<p> <b>Splendid</b> is suitable for single workplace or collective offices that may vary geographically; all of which can be managed from a single web-based admin panel. </p>


<p> Forego clocking system. With <b>Splendid</b>, each worker can check-in with their mobile devices and apply leaves without difficulty while supervisors can easily monitor their attendance in real-time as well as check and approve leave requests from the comfort of their phones, hence reducing administrative works. </p>

Outsourcing company

<p> <b>Splendid</b> was built on our strong experience in handling large number of outsourced workforce. We understand the complexity involved and how to ensure the scalability of our system to handle large number of users. </p>

Sales force

<b> </b> <p> Schedule itineraries for customers' visits, and then gather the reports of those visits. Suitable for distributed sales team. </p>

Food and beverage

<b> </b> <p> Schedule shifts with assigned locations. Track check-in and check-out easily. </p> <p> Inform crews on new products, promotions, items availability, or any operational related information through bulletins and user groups. </p>

Remote employees

<p> More and more companies are employing remote employees. Managing attendance and schedules are easy with <b>Splendid</b>. </p>

To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.

Douglas Conant, Conant Leadership, former CEO of Campbell Soup Company

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